Agnolotti del Plin

The ravioli del plin are a Piedmontese first course based on fresh egg pasta stuffed with meat and vegetables. The ravioli del plin were born in the Monferrato area in the twentieth century as a variant of the classic square ravioli. The ravioli del plin are smaller than the classic traditional ravioli and agnolotti. The term plin, which means pinch in Piedmontese dialect, indicates the characteristic gesture of pinching the dough with the fingers to enclose the filling between one ravioli and another. These ravioli are particularly suitable for holding the sauce..
The recipe, which involves the use of a mixture of stewed meats, was born precisely to reuse the leftover meats in a time when nothing was wasted.
The ravioli del plin recipe involves the preparation of fresh egg pasta that is rolled out into a thin sheet, and then stuffed with a rich filling of mixed veal, pork stewed with carrots, onions and celery. Once ready, the ravioli are seasoned with the meat sauce cooked with vegetables. There are other variations of this recipe that involve a simple dressing with butter, sage and parmesan. For the most refined palates, the ravioli del plin can be seasoned with melted butter and a grating of white truffle, a typical product of the area.a. 

An ancient tradition has it that the ravioli del plin are tasted "al napagliolo" or they are boiled in salted water and served hot without seasoning on a white napkin so that you can enjoy the pure flavor of the ravioli.

Food and wine pairing
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